Guild Information & Application

  • We expect all guild members to follow all Free Realms and SOE rules and terms of service,as well as the rules of this site. Please make sure you read them before applying for the guild.
  • We require all guild members to be active in Free Realms and here on the forums.
    Being active means that as a member you are taking part in events in game, posting here on the forums, and are playing Free Realms. If you are not active, after one month and have not posted in the forums, and we have not seen you in game, then staff reserves the right to remove you as a member from the guild. If you have been removed from the guild you may reapply if you would like to become active once again.
  • If you are banned or suspended from Free Realms then you have broken the rules set down by SOE. Rules are made for a reason. If rules are broken there will be consequences. It has been decided by the staff here at DT that if we hear of anyone in <DarkTrouble> being banned or suspended for any reason then they will be immediately removed from the guild. If you would like to reapply to the guild you will need to PM a staff member here at DT and explain to us why you were banned or suspended. At that point we will discuss whether or not we feel that you are serious about following the rules and that you really want to be a part of <Dark Trouble>.
  • No gossiping about other guild members in guild chat in the game or here in the forums. If you are not willing to say something to a guild member’s face then you should probably not be saying it.
  • Be supportive and helpful to your fellow guild members. We expect everyone to respect each other. Respect for the individual is imperative for our members to have a positive and fun experience. Racism, bullying, or harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated.
  • THREE STRIKES YOU’RE OUT! If you leave the guild three times you will not be allowed to rejoin <DarkTrouble>. Please be aware that we understand that accidents happen. If for example you accidentally remove yourself from the guild while trading. Find a leader in game immediately and we will add you. An example of what will not be accepted would be. “My brother/sister/friend removed me from the guild.” Your account is your own. Your little brothers and sisters or friends should not be playing on your accounts. If they remove you from the guild. It is a count against you for letting them use your personal account and giving them access to your user name and password.
  • Scamming people in game or on this site is another offense that will absolutely not be tolerated. It is cause for immediate removal from the guild. Please just don’t do it.
  • On the subject of dating: while there are no official Free Realms rule stating that dating is prohibited… it will be frowned upon. Dating will not be encouraged and we ask that you refrain from discussing dating or any dating related activities in game or here on the forums.
  • Please No spamming! No begging! No slapping! No biting! No fighting! NO VIOLENCE!
  • We ask that you please only have ONE Free Realms character in <Dark Trouble> at a time. We want to make sure that we have plenty of room in the guild for anyone who is interested in joining. This excludes guild leaders. We as leaders reserve the right to have more then one character in game to be able to always be available to everyone. If we find out that you have more then one character in the guild you will be removed from the guild immediately.
  • Always be prepared. You never know when a random guild party may break out.
  • The number one most important rule to always remember while in <Dark Trouble> is to…Always Have FUN!

It is our desire to share our knowledge and help others to to achieve a higher understanding and enjoyment of the world we all know as Free Realms.

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